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       Wall Openings, Open Space and doorways

Structural Stability


Buildings must be constructed so that all dead, imposed and wind loads are sustained and transmitted to the grounds:

- safely

- without causing such settlement of the ground, or such deflection or deformation of the building, as will impair the stability of any other building.

The imposed and wind loads referred to above are those to which the buildings is likely to be subjected in the normal course of its use and for the purpose for which it is intended.

Ground movement

- swelling, shrinking or freezing of the subsoil

- landslip or subsidence ( other than subsidence arising from shrinkage )

Design of structural members in house and other small buildings

Buttressing Wall - a wall which provides lateral support, from base to top, to another wall perpendicular to it.

Cavity Width - the horizontal distance between leaves in a cavity wall.

Compartment Wall - fire resistance

Dead Load - the load due to the weight of all roofs, floors, walls, services, finishes and partitions - all permanent construction.

Imposed Load - the load assumed to be produced by the intended occupancy or use, including moveable partitions, distributed, concentrated, impact, inertia and snow loads, but excluding wind loads.

Pier - an integral part of a wall which consists of a thickened section occurring at intervals along a wall to which it is bonded or securely tied so as to afford lateral support.

Separating Wall - a wall which is common to two adjoining buildings.

Spacing - the centre to centre distance between two adjacent timbers measured in a plane parallel to the plane of the structure of which they form part.

Span - the distance measured along the centreline of a member between centres of adjacent bearings.

Supported Walls - a wall which is supported by buttressing walls, piers or chimneys, or floor or roof lateral support arrangements.

Wind Loads - all loads due to the effect of wind pressure or suction.

The basic stability of a small house of traditional masonry construction is largely dependent on the provision of a braced roof structure which is adequately anchored to walls restrained laterally by buttressing walls, piers or chimneys.


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