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With many years of experience in painting,decorating and property maintenance we can offer  services and products to suit your budget.Whether your property is a domestic or commercial one,we can work to your specification.

  • Small rooms require pale colours to enhance light and space or dark colours to make them feel den-like.Medium rooms require lighter palettes to keep rooms feeling airy and light.
  • Large rooms won't lose their feeling of space with darker colours, but look spacious with light colours.

All Aspects of Painting and Decorating, High Quality Paperhanging, Coving, Textured Coating Application/Artex, Airless Spraying, Exterior Protection, Dragging, Rolling, Graining. Water Damage repairs, ceiling repairs. For our residential clients we will always use the highest quality products, unless otherwise specified we will usually use Dulux Trade Emulsion, Undercoat and Gloss


Glossary of Terms

Making good

This means racking out and filling all cracks and holes. We will also "feather out" areas of plasterwork to upgrade the surface. Making good will leave a surface sound. It will not make an imperfect surface perfect, or smooth out existing ridges and undulations.


Where the plasterwork is cracking or imperfect, or there is a possibility of further cracking, lining paper is used. We use 1000 grade lining paper and will hang it butt-jointed so that seams are not noticeable. If needed, this will upgrade a surface more than making good.



By this we mean actual resurfacing of an area, wall or entire room by a tradesman plasterer. This is often the only way to obtain a perfect surface. It is either by use of two coats of plaster or by fixing plasterboard and skimming.

Rubbing down

By use of abrasives. It has a number of purposes: remove nibs, flaking paint and imperfections. It provides a "key" for new paint and retards excessive build-up of paint on the woodwork. On woodwork we will rub down the entire surface before painting and "flatting down" with fine abrasive is done between coats.

Wall and ceiling finishes

We will normally use paint rollers and "cut in" with a brush. Paint rollers can leave a heavy texture. We will avoid this by not applying paint too thickly. Some texture is however unavoidable, particularly with emulsion paints.


This is part of making good. Internally we normally use cellulose fillers on walls and ceilings. On external surfaces we use proprietary oil stopper, flexible fillers are used for gaps between wood and plaster, for example where skirting and architraves meet walls.

Rotten timber

Rotten timber, particularly on exteriors, is not always noticeable at time of quotation. If found this will be pointed out to you. Rot most often occurs on timber sills and on the lower rails of a sash window.




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