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         Building Regulations and Planning Permissions

Local Authority Control

Two main procedural option are available under the local authority system of control:

-Control based on service of a building notice. -Control based on the deposit of full plans.

Under local Permitted Developments rules,extensions of a certain volume and in specific positions, rear extensions for example,can be build using only Building Regulations approval.

There are two types of planning application: Detalied and Outline.

If you are not sure how the Council will react to the application , an Outline plan is recomended before spending time and money on an Detalied set of drawings.

Whether the new extension does or does not require planning permision, it will require Building Regulation approval.


Examples of buildings which are exempt from control under the Building Regulations

Type of building or building work

Detached buildings not normally used by people e.g. buildings containing fixed plant or machinery intermittently used by people only to maintain or inspect that plant or machinery.

Buildings used for agricultural purposes.

Subject to minimum distances from other buildings, or their boundaries, where people normally go. Must not be used for retailing, packing or exhibiting. No part of building to be used as a dwelling. Subject to distance restrictions from any building containing sleeping accommodation, and provision of fire exit in some circumstances.


 Detached Garage under 30m2 in floor area,under 30m2 in floor area;single storey and does not contain any sleeping accommodation; and provided either:

it is built substantially of non-combustible material; or

when built it is no less than 1m from the boundary of the property.

Buildings principally for the keeping of animals.

Temporary buildings which will not remain on site.

Small detached buildings comprising either:

a single storey building of not more than 30m2 floor area; or

a building which does not have a floor area larger than 15m2.

Extensions to buildings at ground level comprising:

a conservatory, porch, covered yard or covered way; or

a carport open on at least two sides.

Must not contain sleeping accommodation; and must either be at least 1m from the boundary of the site or be constructed substantially of non-combustible material.

Must not contain sleeping accommodation.In all cases, any fixed electrical installation must meet the requirements of Part P

The extensions must be at ground level only and no larger than 30m2 in floor area.Any fixed electrical installation must meet the requirements of Part P

.Conservatories or porches which are wholly or partly glazed must meet the requirements of Part N Glazing safety in relation to impact, opening and cleaning.




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