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The most economical way to connect two different levels is by building a staircase. The design of the staircase is controlled by Building Regulations concerning strength, stability, fire resistance and general safety factors.

Pitch Line  - a line joining the front edges of the treads (nosing)

Pitch or slope - the angle between the pitch line and the floor or landing

Headroom - the vertical distance between the nosing and any overhead obstruction

Walking line - the average position taken by a person climbing or descending the stairs, usually taken to be 450 mm from the hand rail

Going - the on-plan measurement of a tread between the nosing of the tread or landing above

Rise - the vertical distance between the upper surfaces of two treads

Flight rise - the vertical distance , measured against a plumb , between two floors or a floor and a landing

Open riser - a stairway having no risers, also called open plan staircase or ladder stairs

Common stairway - a stairway, inside or outside a building , intended for use by the occupants of more than one dwelling - house - office - property - flat.

Construction - London Carpenters

Stairs can be constructed between walls , which give a continuous support, or they may be open on one or both sides. The treads are supported in all cases by stringers. Wall stringers can be 32 mm planed all round timber but outer stringers should be 44 mm to 50 mm planed all round timber because of the greater strain they bear - structural stability.

Where a staircase width exceeds 900 mm , our London Carpenters must make an intermediate support or carriage from 100 mm x 50 mm   timber. This will be built and fixed at the top and bottom of the staircase either by nailing it to a joist or by making a birdsmouth cut over the battens nailed across the floor and the landing trimmer at the higher level.

In most cases , the Building Regulation requires that the underside of the staircases to be dry lined with fire check plasterboard - fire safety. The Carpenter will advise further.

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